• AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping
  • AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping
  • AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping
  • AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping
  • AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping
  • AAA Construction Buildings, Concrete & Landscaping

Steel Buildings

Steel Homes

As homeowners continue to look for ways to build affordable new homes, many are turning to metal home buildings. It’s no wonder metal homes are such a popular choice for new construction when you consider their reduced maintenance, customizable floor plans and cost-effective square footage. When you work with AAA Construction, you can choose building size and shape, interior and exterior material options, placement and size of doors and windows as well as meet your lighting and ventilation needs, insulation, and more. We offer dozens of customization options to ensure the home you’ve dreamed of becomes a reality.

Steel Barndominiums

Barndominiums are affordable, low maintenance and energy efficient barn homes. They are the perfect mix of living quarters and a place for fun. Barndominiums can be designed to incorporate a home with a workshop, garage, barn, horse stalls, RV storage, airplane hangar and more.

Steel Barns & Agricultural Buildings

From steel barns to steel farm equipment buildings, AAA Construction can deliver what you need. Hay storage, machine storage or space for livestock; whatever type of agricultural building you require, we can help you make it a reality. Whether you’re looking to use your new steel farm building as a barn or stable, place for your livestock, or to protect your new tractor, combine or other farm implements from the elements; we design and build strong, durable buildings that withstand sun, wind, rain, and even snow and ice, and remain standing for decades to come.

Steel Commercial Buildings

AAA Construction build modern commercial metal buildings in virtually any shape and size you need. Whether you are looking to develop a new office building, put up a retail location, need storage buildings to house your commercial landscaping equipment or require a hybrid that offers office space and warehouse storage in one; we can design and fabricate a steel commercial building to fit your needs. Our customers utilized our steel buildings for a wide variety of commercial uses such as office buildings, retail stores, strip malls, dealerships, workshops, warehouses, carports and much more.

Steel Garages

If you need a place to store your vehicles and heavy equipment that can withstand a little dirt and handle some grease; AAA Construction’s steel garage buildings can be the perfect solution. The quality construction in our metal garages is strong and durable enough to protect your vehicles, boats, watercraft, bikes, recreational toys, heavy equipment and more.

Steel Greenhouses & Grow Houses

AAA Construction designs, manufactures and fabricates steel-frame greenhouse buildings in all shapes and sizes. Because our greenhouses are fully-customizable, you can decide what you want to grow and how much space you are going to need. We can help you design anything from backyard greenhouse sheds to very large greenhouses including hydroponic and non-hydroponic grow facilities. Both our framing and our paneling are extremely heavy-duty and built to last, so your plants will be safe from the elements, moisture, and structural failure. Because our greenhouses are made from 100% stainless steel, they are not susceptible to wood rot, pests, or moisture damage like conventional construction greenhouse structures.

Steel Horse Barns & Arenas

No matter whether you need a riding arena or horse barn for commercial use, as a professional equestrian or even a devoted horse owner; AAA Construction can meet your needs. From riding lessons and horse shows to training facilities and competition, our horse barn and arena equestrian buildings provide a comfortable, durable shelter for both horses and people. And for the truly devoted, our custom-designed horse arenas can even incorporate living quarters.

Steel Airplane Hangars

AAA Construction is experienced in the requirements for all types of airplane hangars, from single aircraft storage to t-hangars. Whether you have recreational private aircraft or a fleet of commercial aircraft, we produce strong metal and steel buildings to protect your aircraft from the elements. Our steel airplane hangars can be designed to accommodate any type of aircraft, due to our wide range of door options. We can also adapt them to incorporate living quarters or build a hangar as a part of another building type.

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